Digital Storytelling

Through the online course, Digital Storytelling (or DS106) I learned a HUGE amount of digital skills that I then applied to my job at the Digital Knowledge Center on campus. Check out the website I had for the class, or read on for highlights!

Working with a design is so fun for me, and I have even found it applicable in everyday situations, such as putting up decorations for a club party. In DS106, I worked with design and created my own magazine and book covers. Here is a complete list of all the design creations I made over the course of the semester.

Along the lines of design, I worked on taking and editing photos. Here is a collection of my photography and my image editing, and below you’ll find a sample of my photography.

Here is a collection of all the audio assignments I created. I had so much fun making these projects that I spent a great deal of time on them.

Below, you’ll find a project I created by layering and editing audio with Audacity

I also learned to create video using Movie Maker, iMovie, and a little bit of Adobe. This collection of my video creations shows both my creative and my humorous sides. Here is a sample of work I am proud of:


Check out my full apocalypse website now!

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