Addition for Tuition

Carol wanted an easy fundraising opportunity, and after a brainstorming session I came up with the name “Addition for Tuition.” Carol had the concept already created: a card that on the front introduces one of the Royal Kids School students and on the inside is a grid of boxes representing different values. This card can be presented to family, friends, and really anyone someone meets and they can donate a single amount from one of the boxes or they can combine boxes to get different amounts.

To go along with this card, I made bookmarks to hand out whenever someone donates to give thanks for what they’ve done and also to seek out potential monthly donors, suggesting a low amount of $20 a month. 

I decided to take the time to edit the pictures beforehand using GIMP. Through this, I lightened the pictures to make the printed versions come out clearer and less murky or over-bright. 

The white background makes it hard to make out the bounds of the bookmark, but you get the general idea.

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