Getting Started

Getting content up and going for e3 has been slow to start, only because graphic design for an organization requires a lot of planning. Before beginning, I wanted to make sure e3 Kids had a consistent look across all platforms. Luckily, Carol told me she is working with a JMU graduate on creating a new website. With this website construction includes brand image and general stylistic similarities to keep static. You can only imagine how happy I was when Carol shared a set of files with me that included a color guide, fonts, and many different formats of the new e3 logo.









Carol wasn’t sure what general look she wanted for marketing materials, so I drafted some test business cards. I used the website Canva, for ease of design and keeping like designs together in one place. Also, I got a new laptop over the summer and have hardly any programs on it, so I needed to rely on a website.

This business card creation helped me get the “making” juices flowing and allowed Carol to consider what elements she liked in the designs and why. Below are a couple (incomplete) designs I liked the best that showed drastic differences in the possibilities of what elements we could incorporate. Carol liked the professional nature of the grey card, but she also liked the fun aspects of the other one (since e3 does work primarily with schools and therefore children).



The design we settled on incorporated the purple of e3 and is professional but not too matter-of-fact.

Carol also wanted a picture on the back of her card. She said it is important for her to be able to show others the real work she is doing, and it doubles as a great conversation starter!

Lastly, this card would be an option for the back of a card if someone would like it. This design of putting the simple e3 logo in the background really stuck. It’s clean, not overwhelming, and adds a bit of professionalism all in one. Be on the lookout for this element in future designs of mine!

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