• How to (use) Zoom!

    With the major conversion to online classes this semester, many students and faculty are turning to the application Zoom to pursue digital interaction. Even my mom, a 2nd grade teacher, has to use Zoom to wrangle her students and meet with other faculty. As a DKC tutor, I picked up the task of creating a tutorial on how to use Zoom to help teachers and students alike figure out the application. I figured with everything happening right now it could be helpful, and also I might explain things in a way other/longer tutorial videos don’t. That, or I sound like a calming YouTuber telling a peaceful bedtime story. Choose whichever…

  • I’m Trying.

    On January 6, 2020, I said goodnight to my mom and got into bed. Just before opening Spotify to listen to my ritual podcast before bed (podcast of choice at the time was The Adventure Zone), I had a random urge to check my email.