my name
is Katie!

I’m a big dork and love all things sustainable! Painting, admiring plants, listening to music playlists named after colors they sound like and podcasts that are interesting yet also lull me to sleep are my jam.

Some things you’ll find on this blog are my current posts that chronicle my time working as a member of Americorps in the NCCC program, posts from my time at Reclaim Hosting, and archives of some of my favorite projects from college. 


~ Little History ~

From January 2020 – February 2021, I worked at Reclaim Hosting as a Support and Account Specialist. This groovy group of people are some of the coolest I’ve ever met and I am so happy I got to spend over a whole year with them! 

In May 2020 I graduated at the University of Mary Washington with the double majors Communication & Digital Studies and English Creative Writing.

From December of 2017 until May 2020, I was a Peer Tutor at the Digital Knowledge Center (DKC), UMW‘s digital skills tutoring center. At the DKC, I taught fellow students digital tools like WordPress, Photoshop, Audacity and more. I had the absolute best time working at the DKC, and I couldn’t imagine having had a different job while at UMW. The people were amazing and the atmosphere was fun, creative, and supportive.